ROSA NO7 Yellow Independence•2017

With Elsewhere being a wall to wall environment of visual stimuli, to my surprises, my response to space was triggered by my sense of smell. I was reminded of having breakfast as a child with my grandmother around 27 years ago in New Orleans. A number of behavioural studies have demonstrated that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of “being brought back in time” than images. The sense of smell has the strongest relationship to memory, probably more so than any of our other senses and the rose have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man. The rose has a measured frequency of 320 MHz compared to 72-90 MHz of the human brain. Even thoughts and feelings have a vibratory quality that forms a measurable frequency. With this interactive piece, I look to explore the ideas of scent, memories and vibrations where you are invited to enter the space and with three deep breaths you leave a memory while creating a new one.

With this interactive piece, I look to explore ideas of scent, memories and vibrations as participants attempt to trade past memories for the one this experience creates.

Wooden toys, fabric, wood, army-men, lavender oil, footboard,

Elsewhere Museum
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