•Storm Clouds•

A collaboration with Ana Hernandez

Throughout history, one of the oldest games people have played entails the use of hands to manipulate string on and around fingers, in an attempt to create figures.  It was believed that these string figures were an instrument in foretelling the future and that the forecast is often determined by who is pulling the strings.  As you approach the pair of hands joined together by the string figure of storm clouds looming, the intention is to consider what the clouds hanging over one's head refer to and to bring awareness to states of existence, especially to those characterized by hardship and suffering.

•Hanging In The Balance•

Over the last nine years, the city of New Orleans has gone through a lot of changes, some positive and some negative.  However, there is still more room for positive progress.  Especially when considering the issues surrounding affordable housing and the way in which those in need of it, are often times, left hanging in the balance.

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